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Songs for Life

July 2000

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The Show

On this evening, British Airways held the "Race For Life" in the parkland a Waterside to raise money for the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. So, we went along to help entertain the runners and their supporters.

We performed two short sets, after the race itself, on the small stage that had been erected in the parkland. This was a first for us, performing an open-air gig. As we came on for our last set, we did wonder at the wisdom of this, as the light was fading rapidly, dark storm clouds were gathering, and weary runners were heading home to the lure of a hot bath in droves. However, naturally, the show went on regardless, and was well received.

The whole show was put together and rehearsed in just under 4 weeks. The show consisted of two short programmes of songs taken from our recent productions: "Me and My Girl", "Mother Goose", and "20th Century"

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