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Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates.

January 2011

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The show is a swashbuckling, magical adventure featuring a host of colourful characters and vibrant musical numbers.  No doubt you’ve all heard of Robinson Crusoe the daring explorer who gets cast away on a desert island.  But do you know how and why he ended up there?  And more importantly how he got off again?  Well, find out as the show follows Robinson’s voyage from the exotic shores of Brazil through encounters with bloodthirsty pirates, battling immortals and hungry cannibals helped, or possibly hindered, by a flamboyant dame Margarita Juicilita, her dozy son Nutty Nick, the lovely Juanita and her protective father Captain Seasalt.  Not forgetting Man Friday and Poll the parrot.

For this production we’ll be supporting Christopher’s Smile (, a charity which funds research into children’s cancer, by donating 10% of revenue from every ticket sold