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Auditions are nowhere near a scary as you might think.

What auditions actually involve varies from show to show. The purpose of auditions is to find out who is interested and to enable the director to assess your current abilities and potential.

We hold the auditions on a couple of separate nights to give people who work shifts a better chance of attending. You don't normally need to come to both nights; although, if you want to you're quite welcome.

If you want to be in a show but are unable to make either audition, please contact the director and they'll try to arrange to get together with you at a another time.

At the start of an audition, you'll be given a description of the show and the various characters in it. If you have a particular preference for or dislike for a specific role, this is the time to inform the director.

There'll be a read-through of excerpts from the script and the director will ask different people to read in different parts. There's not always time for everyone to read everything. So don't worry if you don't get asked to read a particular part, you will still be considered for it. The director can usually judge from what you have read how well you could adapt to other roles.

If the show involves singing or dancing, you'll be asked to do a bit of this too. At this point, the director will involve the musical director and/or choreographer.

For singing auditions, you'll be taught a song from the show. We'll start with a vocal warm up with all the auditionees together; this is to familiarise you with the tune. Then you'll be broken down into smaller groups to enable the musical director to hear you better. Dancing auditions work on the same principle, with everyone being taught a short, basic routine by the choreographer. You'll then perform the routine on stage, first as a big group, then in smaller ones.

Whatever, you're asked to do at an audition, don't worry about it. Just do your best - that's all we ask. Above all, enjoy it! Once the final auditions are over, the Director will then contact you to let you know which part you have been chosen for.